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tv   First Look  MSNBC  August 14, 2013 2:00am-2:31am PDT

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the bottom line is we don't know the exact whereabouts of the governor's former rolex or any of these gifts, we're taking his word for it. when do we stop doing that?. good wednesday morning. right now on "first look" -- overnight unrest. dozens of protesters killed in egypt as security forces clamp down on cairo protests. a hostage standoff at a louisiana bank ends in gunfire just hours ago. billionaire carl icahn shakes up the apple cart with a huge buy. plus, jesse jackson jr. is sentenced to prison today. and everybody loves a winner. we'll show you 16 of them. good morning. we begin with breaking developments overnight in what's already been a bloody day in
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egypt. this morning, egyptian forces moved in to try to clear camps held by supporters of ousted president mohamed morsis. dozens have been killed and thousands injured. we're live in cairo. good morning, ayman. >> reporter: we know that the option began this morning and two major squares here in the capital cairo. one of those squares has been cleared out, firmly in the control of egyptian security forces. tanks and armored personal carriers have been deployed in another part of cairo the major sit-in is ongoing. security officials have been killed. we also understand that according to members of the muslim brotherhood and their supporters up to 150 protesters
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have been killed. in the coming hours we'll get more information. the official death toll has climbed into the tens according to officials here. in addition to the ongoing operations at the sit-in protests, security has been tightened around the city. security forces are deployed on the outskirts of cairo. and they want to avoid escalation and additional people coming to the capital that could lead to more violence. they have staged protests in other parts of the country. very volatile situation unfolding. >> ayman, thanks so much. breaking news in rural louisiana, a violent end to a bank hostage situation, just hours ago, police shot and killed the suspect after he shot two remaining hostages, one of the hostages is dead and the other is in critical condition, the third hostage was released
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late tuesday, nine hours into the ordeal in the town of st. joseph's. officials said that during the gauches he was going to killed the hostage. ahmad took the three bank branch employees hostage tuesday afternoon. turning now to georgia hopeful news for a teen in dire need of a heart transplant, children's health care of atlanta has reversed course making 15-year-old anthony stokes a candidate for a donor heart. he was initially denied a spot on the list because of quote noncompliance. doctors gave anthony only months to live with his enlarged heart. a proposed merger high in the sky has been put in a holding pattern, united and us
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airways had a agreed earlier this year to merge. now the government said not so fast. we're live in washington with all of the details. >> reporter: good morning. the concern is this merger would create a lack of competition and rising prices. reagan international, this airline would control 69% of takeoffs and landings. to fly under a new logo could be permanently grounded. they're suing to stop the merger. >> they tend to contract the markets, less routes, higher prices. >> reporter: in a joint statement, the airways are vowing to fight back. blocking this procompetitive merger will deny customers access to a broader airline.
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>> not only become a bigger airline but also something so much greater. >> reporter: the deal would have been the latest airline megamerger following united delta. >> this industry has a track record of too many planes and too many records. it's going be a badly damaged industry. >> reporter: at airports around the country passengers have been worried. >> when northwest and delta merged it cut down on the availability of flights. >> reporter: air travel ering paying more for luggage and leg room. >> now it could be stuck in bankruptcy for a few more months. mara back to you. san diego mayor bob philner
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is vowing to fight amid sexual harassment claims. in a win statement, philner made no mention of the accusations instead out toing the city's progress. political reports that the locks in his office have been changed and for san diego hooters restaurant are boycotting philner saying he will not be soefshd in their restaurant. mayor cory booker coasted to victory in the tuesday's democratic primary and after his victory he spoke to supporters. he's already looking to the general election. >> i want to make sure you know that if i'm the united states
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senator, it will be going guard. >> reporter: he faces former mayor steve lonegan who won the republican primary. 18 indian sailors were trappedened and killed. a loud explosion was heard at the submarine port. shortly after the fire the russian-made submarine sank. only the top of the vessel could see. some crew members died but offered no further details. the north carolina law imposing sweeping restrictions on voters. the new law has everything but the kitchen sink. you can catch all in with chris hayes at 8:00 p.m. that clips from that show are all online. first look at this morning's dish of scrambled politics.
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a new poll shows the race for new york city mayor has a new leader. public advocate bill deblas owe is ahead with 30%. christine quinn falls to second place with 24%. and anthony weiner is last. they held their first televised debate. weiner faced off with christine quinn. >> i will be honest with the people. >> any new yorker quite frankly should be lectured by anthony weiner what we need to apologize for tonight or ever. >> another candidate john liu is posing that new york legalize marijuana. in detroit billboards paid by the city urged citizens to vote
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on september 2nd. but voting day is actually in october. candidates with more twitter mentions than their opponent won 404 of the 406 elections. it didn't matter if the twitter mentions were positive or negative. actress jennifer garner seems optimistic about her husband ben affleck's future in politics. she tells "people" magazine that she wouldn't be surprise to see him go into politics. first lady michelle obama is releasing a rap cd. michelle obama unfortunately does not sing on the album. that's your morning's dish of scrambled politics. for the weather i'm joined by bill karins.
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this morning, hope windows are open in many areas of the country. the 24-hour temperature change has made its way to the east coast. columbus is 16 degrees cooler than this time yesterday. d.c. is about 13 degrees cooler. it's 51 degrees right now in detroit, i mean, that's cool, that's jacket weather. same for buffalo and columbus, that cool air is making its way to the east coast. now, one little thing of interest we have to watch over the next couple of days, 30% chance of development of this system in the western portions of the caribbean it's over very warm water. it's going to be very weak, i'm thinking, the possibilities of maybe 3 to 6 inches of rain and
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we could have some flooding concerns heading toward the weekend. overall, pretty quiet day. look at the beautiful forecast f from minneapolis to new york city. it feels like fall. all right, thanks so much bill, a major announcement is expected from the pentagon today. all of the details coming up next. plus, could this be the $60 million man? [ school bell rings ] ♪ school's out
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some stories making news this morning, ex-congressman jesse jackson jr. awaits sentencing today for his misuse of campaign money. he's admitted to using that money to buying rolexs. later this morning, the pentagon is expected to announce that same-saex spouses of military members will become
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eligible for benefits. a detroit police chief is apologizing after accidentally sending the bra sizes of some female police officers. and the group of powerball winners from ocean county, new jersey. each will get $3.6 million after taxes. and after your "first look" at business. we turn to cnbc. good morning. >> good morning. apple shares had its second best day of the year, after billionaire carl icahn tweeted that he's bought a sizable stake in the iphone maker, he said that he friendly chat with apple ceo tim cook, urging to return more of the company's cash to shareholders. and hyundai is recalling san
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day fay. it's expected 2003 with front-wheel drive. coke can-cola is running adds in the usa today defending use of artificial sweeteners. mara? >> thanks so much. from fast food franchises to colleges about 20 small businesses have told nbc news that they'll be cutting workers hours below 30 a week, this is in anticipation of obama care and its mandate that employers must provide health care. ford wants you to focus on this. the focus is now the top-selling car. with sales in china raising 300%. warner brothers will offer christiane $60 million to return
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tampa's ben zosh owe does the same thing. he answers with another. four homers there. only the third time since 1916 two leadoff hitters both hit two homers in the very same game, by the way, seattle beats tampa, 5-4 fun stuff. the red sox are the season's comeback kids, 28 times after last night, after trailing six innings, boston ties it with toronto, in the 11th inning, victorino singles. they have tentatively agreed to 40 drug tests each week during the season in the nfl. samples taken during training camp will the penalty. everything's bigger in texas. the houston texans, new screen there, the largest indoor video screen.
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>> now that's a tv. >> 53 feet high. 277 feet long. the cost, $16 million. that's 15,000 square feet. okay, you would have to stake 1400 60-inch tvs to get that. you know what i'll be doing after work. if i don't come in tomorrow that's what i'm doing. jason dufner won the pga championship, he took the trophy to the empire state building. little windy. some rain flying. dufner's wife sleeping next to his trophy. >> it's like his blankie. >> thanks so much, richard. time to switch gears and dig deeper into our top political stories and joining me on the phone is lynn sweet. thank you for being here. >> good morning. let's talk new jersey politics, cory booker won the
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democratic nomination for the senator. what kind of senator do you expect him to be? >> well, actually, for all of the popularity he has and high name recognition, usually when people come to the senate with that high profile they try to keep it low. that's what hillary clinton, that's what barack obama did. when you have stars come to the senate they usually find it better to turn down the wattage and get along and get to know the other members so they can get something done. >> imagine that. i want to ask you about a conventional question, booker is unique in one regard, most male politicians has a family, but booker is a single man, do you think that matters politically? >> it matters for the woman who he dates and some of them have
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made the news. you have to be careful. there have been some single senators through the years. for a while, chris dodd was single and you just have to be careful, new jersey, however, i think he's a known quantity, i think from this point guard he's certainly under a lot of scrutiny and whoever he is with will be, too. >> lin sweet, thanks so much for your time this morning. we appreciate >> it thank you. coming up, bill karins and richard lui will be here for "first look." stories that we're talking about now. my mother made the best toffee in the world.
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time now for first buzz all of the stories we're talking a about this morning. i'll start us with something light and fluffy. cute video of dogs on paddleboards. an organization who's trying to get these dogs adopted. it pairs them with their potential owners and let them go out on the waters and see if there's any bonding. >> that is a great idea. >> it's cute and sweet. >> better than seeing them in the cage. >> you have a story about animals. from northeastern university in boston what they found out humans when they look at abused dogs or abused humans they care more about abused dogs. they had students look at pictures, they found out that we as humans look at pets. when we see adults that may be abused we see them of capable of
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protecting themselves. >> we always view ourselves in a care giver role with animals. >> i know a lot of people who are upset when their pets die than when their relatives die. memory test. what were you doing ten years ago? refresh your memory. the northeast blackout. this is when 50 million people lost power from ontario to ohio all of the way through the northeast. now you remember what you were doing. >> it was in the afternoon. >> it was, 4:00 p.m. >> i was out of the country. good place to be, right, based on what happened. >> there was a little bit of fun
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to it. i got together with friends, we drank wine. >> all right. i'm maria ski vie come poe. this "first look." my fellow americans -- i just wanted. this is my best outfit. we're a happy bunch group. we're very happy, happy, happy. as some of my friends would say. i'm just going to continue watching nascar racing on sunday. maybe i'll be in my log cabin on multiple acres of land. nothing like a few million bucks and a microphone, like everybody out there, i spent my
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fair share on lottery tickets. america, meet the ocean 16. with megamerger of airlines make your flights more expensive? the federal government thinks so and makes a deal to block. even hooters wants nothing to do with the mayor of san diego. we'll explain on "way too early." good morning, everybody. wednesday, august 14th of 2013. we actually have a lot of overnight news to get to, so we want to start with breaking news from louisiana where a hostage situation turned deadly at the bank in the town of st. joseph's. police say gunman killed one person and shot another before a member of the s.w.a.t.


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